Get Roadie Ready This Summer

Ah, a Kiwi summer – warmer days, clear blue skies, and stunning beach days! A big part of New Zealand summer are Roadies. So, we have a few tips to share with you!

  • Get your car road-worthy

This one is captain obvious, but it is astonishing how easy it is to forget. Before hitting the roads, be sure to sort your car’s registration, warrant of fitness, and engine checks. 

  • Get sun smart

But it’s true – we have a scorcher of a summer ahead so sort your sun smart kit with some Sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses, and a good pair of jandals.

  • Plan your budget

As exciting as holidays are, it’s also important to be a little grounded with our spending. After all, our spending and approach to finances during holidays will set the tone for the new year.

  • Take plenty of fluids and naps

Roadies are exciting and crucial part of a Kiwi summer, but they can also be exhausting! So be sure to look after your biggest asset you’ve got – your health, by drinking plenty of water and taking naps through long drives.

  • Protect your most valuable things

This one is a unique tip. Statistically, In New Zealand, summer is the time when many avoidable accidents occur, due to everyone being out doing adventurous activities. Only a few Kiwis think to ensure that they have a solid Health Insurance Plan, should the unexpected happen with health over summer. 

With known increased number of injuries over the holiday period (especially near a barbie), be sure to sort your peace of mind, by protecting your most valued assets - your health & ability to generate an income. And we can help you out – hit us up for our friendly, non-corporate-y advice.