How to have a Sustainable Summer

When it comes to saving our beautiful planet, every decision we make can add up and have a big impact. Over consumption is a major contributing factor to our overwhelmed planet—and giving a thoughtless gift that someone will never use is not the way to go. 

As the festive holidays are getting closer and closer, we challenge you to incorporate sustainability into your gift giving ideas. There are amazing sustainable gifts that are thoughtful, useful, and keep our planet in mind. One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone is the gift of health. With known increased number of injuries over the summer, bringing up the topic of Medical Insurance at the Christmas Table could be more valuable than anything under the tree. 

What is a sustainable gift? We like to break it down into two categories. A gift that guides someone to go green – stainless straws, keep cups, tote bags. And the second is a gift that is produced sustainably – or one that you make yourself! So what options are there? We’ve listed a few ideas to get your green energy flowing!


Gifting food creates low to zero waste, I mean… who doesn’t like free food? Maybe try out those homemade bean to bar chocolates that are going viral on TikTok. How amazing would it be to say you gifted chocolate you made from scratch? Just make sure to be mindful about their dietary requirements and allergies, doesn’t hurt to check. 


Think local, think artisan, think vintage. Secondhand treasures are always an amazing surprise under the tree, whether it be a pre loved book from their childhood or an amazing pair of vintage jeans. 


Nothing shows how much you know someone than gifting an experience they will love. Historians would appreciate memberships to museums; planetarium memberships are amazing for space fanatics and zoos memberships are an incredible surprise for any animal lover. There’re also some great online experiences like masterclasses and these range from all sorts of skills and passions, you’ve just gotta find the right one! 


Why not get them a go green kit? Reusable items like Bee’s Wrap Covers, Stainless Steel Straws, Countertop Compost Bin, Lunchboxes and Utensil Sets will always come in handy for anyone. 

While looking for your perfect sustainable gift, don’t forget to be mindful about the packaging. Traditional wrapping paper is often covered in metallic and glitter making it hard to recycle with standard recyclables. Gone are the days of endless wrapping paper waste, challenge yourself to find mindful and reusable alternatives like reusable fabric gift wrap or recyclable kraft paper (for those that don’t want to give up the joy of tearing the wrapping paper off your presents). 

Good luck on your green gift journey, we’re sure that those receiving your gifts will also appreciate the extra thought that you’ve put in and be pleased that’s better for the environment!

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