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On the left is the Morgan family - meet Erik, his wife Nasreen and their two beautiful daughters Brianna and Cyra. Nasreen approached Vive in 2023 seeking advice on insurance for herself and told us about her brave husband's battle with cancer since 2008. We implemented a robust financial protection plan for Nasreen, as her and Erik have two young daughters, and Nasreen was also taking care of Erik, as he underwent treatment.

Recently, we were devastated to hear that the cancer is back. But Erik is a fighter! The Morgan family will need around $262K over the next few months to get Erik through this battle. There is a 'Give A Little Page' already set-up for Erik but the funds raised are nowhere near the target.

So Vive is organising a Family Fun-Run/Walk Fundraiser to reach a much larger network and raise funds for Erik and the Morgan family.


📅 15th June 2024, 10AM - 12PM.
📍 Auckland, New Zealand - exact location will be announced in the next week.

If you'd like to participate in this fun run & walk to help raise funds for Erik, please express your interest by completing the form.

More details and fundraising details will be shared in the next two weeks with all participants.

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Erik's story

Meet Erik, a man of unwavering courage and resilience.

In 2008, a fainting spell revealed a tumor the size of a tennis ball in his brain, unnoticed for over a decade.

In 2011, just before moving to New Zealand to marry the love of his life (me), he faced another battle as scans revealed more growth. Yet, Erik, ever the fighter, underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, starting a new chapter in New Zealand as a Civil Engineer with a fulfilling life, family, and faith.

In 2022 (after having two daughters 1 year old & 4 years old), a seizure unveiled recurring tumour cells, leading to more treatments. With God's grace, remission came in November 2022, but complications from radiation treatment arose in May 2023, causing loss of functionality in his right arm and leg and an inability to work.

Most recently, Erik faces another daunting challenge as scans confirm the resurgence of cancerous cells. But Erik refuses to surrender. Fuelled by love for God, family, and an unwavering determination to overcome, he fights on.

We've exhausted our finances and insurances, to get Erik this far, and now we need your help. Your generosity, no matter how small, will provide the means to access the next round of treatments for Erik, offering him the chance to keep fighting.

With faith in God's power and the strength of our community, we believe we can overcome this challenge.

Thank you for your kindness and belief in Erik's strength.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Nasreen (his wife)

Use of funds

The funds raised will go towards Erik to start on a course of Ivosidenib via Canopy Care ($128,000 NZD). While Erik is starting on this treatment, more funds will need to be raised for him to go to Hope4Cancer for treatment ($95,000 NZD)

If the Morgan family do not raise enough or the doctors recommend otherwise, then funds will go towards a treatment of immunotherapy (participants will be updated with the name, if it comes to this).


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