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Private health insurance provides faster care, preferred choice of specialists, and access to elective or non-urgent procedures. As a result, you gain peace of mind, reduced financial stress and personalised healthcare experience, complementing the public system's limitations and long wait times.

Let's look at

1.  Long wait times. The system is stretched. It has been for a while.

Take a look at the wait times listed on the Te Whatu Oru Counties Manukau website. 20 weeks for semi-urgent paediatric medicine? Isn't our public health system supposed to prioritise care for children and the elderly?

2. More and more kiwis are not saving and are financially vulnerable.

According to Consumer NZ, 65% of New Zealanders save less than 5% of their income or none. This shows much financial stress Kiwi households are under due to cost-of-living crisis, raising concerns around Kiwis' ability to tackle unexpected medical costs.

3. Backlog and restriction in access to non-funded drugs.

Pharmac is government body that decides which drugs are subsidised, administered and available via our public health system. According to ' Decade of Modern Medicines ' by Medicines New Zealand, NZ has the lowest numbers of publicly funded modern treatments for cancers, cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis C and rare diseases, within OECD countries.

How much will treatments cost you in New Zealand?


cost (NZD)

GP consultations

$35 - $60


$270 - $400


$260 - $400


$50 - $80


$45 - $70

Mental health consults

$170 - $255


cost (NZD)

Specialist consults

$160 - $280

GP minor surgery

$325 - $400


$500 - $1,500

MRI scans

$1,500 - $3,000

CT scans

$1,300 - $1,700

PET scans

$2,000 - $3,200


cost (NZD)

Wisdom teeth

$3,500 - $5,200


$2,200 - $3,500


$15,000 - $170,000


$20,000 - $55,000

Varicose veins

$7,000 - $10,500

So what's the solution?

Private Health Insurance.

But what will Private Health Insurance give you?

Faster Access to Medical Care

You'll receive medical care quickly than via public system. This is important for non-urgent treatments, specialist consultations, and elective surgeries, as it'll help you avoid long wait times.

Choice of Specialists and Hospitals

You'll have freedom to choose preferred healthcare providers ( specialists, hospitals, and clinics). This ensures that you receive care from trusted professionals and in facilities of your choice.

Access to Advanced Treatments

You'll have access to wide range of medical treatments (cutting-edge technologies, medications, and procedures). This is valuable for people who require specialised or experimental treatments that are not readily available through public system.

Reduced FinancialBurden

Even though New Zealand has a publicly funded healthcare system, there are areas that aren't funded - such as non-Pharmac drugs. Private health insurance can help mitigate these costs, providing financial security and peace of mind.

Additional Services and Benefits

Many private health insurance plans offer additional services, such as coverage for dental, optical, mental health, and alternative therapies. These extras can enhance overall well-being and provide comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Frequently asked questions about Private Health Insurance

What does private health insurance cover?

People often inquire about the specific services and treatments covered by their private health insurance policies, including hospital care, specialist consultations, prescription medications, and additional services like dental or optical care.

How much does private health insurance cost?

Cost-related questions are common, as individuals want to understand premium prices, deductibles, and any potential out-of-pocket expenses associated with private health insurance plans.

Is private health insurance necessary if we have public healthcare in New Zealand?

Many individuals wonder whether private health insurance is essential when New Zealand has a publicly funded healthcare system. They seek to understand the benefits and differences between the two options.

Can I switch between public and private healthcare systems?

People may inquire about the flexibility to move between public and private healthcare for different medical needs and how such transitions affect their insurance coverage and costs.

Are pre-existing conditions covered by private health insurance?

Prospective policyholders often ask if their pre-existing medical conditions are covered by private health insurance and whether there are waiting periods or exclusions related to these conditions.


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