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Jith Rajenthiram

Managing Director | Mortgage Adviser

Maaru Senthil

Insurance Adviser

Vive's Story.

Vive was founded in 2017 by Jith (the guy on the right) as he noticed a gap in the market regarding the value insurance provides versus the public perception of insurance.

At the time Vive was called 'Financial Studio Group'. Jith felt that there is so much value to add and knowledge to share in the personal finances space that, it made sense to start 'Financial Studio Group'.

In 2020, Maaru joined forces with Jith and together, they rebranded Jith's old business into 'Vive'. Fast forward to today, Vive has expanded its services offering to Mortgages and Insurance Advice .

Since then, Vive has assisted many families with their Mortgages and Insurance, and continues to do so.

Why Vive.

With our Mortgage Advice, we help you use property as a vehicle to create wealth, from getting your first home to acquiring investment properties. 

With our Insurance Advice, we help you protect that wealth and your health. As a property owner, our insurance advice is aimed to give you peace of mind.


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