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Why Vive Home Loans.

Whether it's your first home or investment property, we can help you from beginning to end, in securing your lending.

Our Auckland Mortgage Brokers can help put together a roadmap to get there. We are talking about a realistic, practical and actionable plan. The best part - we checkin with you and hold you accountable. 

Our brokers specialise in bringing you smart mortgage advice and provide you with all you need know, to make informed decisions about your mortgage.

A Vive Mortgage Broker is a financial hero.


Expert Guidance

Our experienced Auckland mortgage brokers are well-versed in understanding the local market. We'll guide you through the complex world of mortgage options, making sure you get the best solution tailored to your unique situation.

Access to Multiple Lenders

Unlike traditional banks, our mortgage brokers have access to a wide network of lenders, increasing your chances of finding the most competitive rates and terms.

Save Time, Minimize Stress

We do all the leg work for you by handling the paperwork, negotiations, and lender communications. 

Personalised Solutions

We understand that everyone's needs are different. Our mortgage brokers work closely with you to craft a mortgage strategy that suits your goals and financial situation.

What's next?

To get started - complete a preliminary application through our secure online portal below. One of our Auckland Mortgage Brokers will be in touch with you.

What we can help with

First Home Buyers, Investment Property, Upgrade from First Home.

Re-structuring home loan, Re-financing home loan.

Path to First Home, Personalised Roadmap, Money Management

Business loans

Mortgages brokers in Auckland

What's the process?

We'll take you through a discovery session to find out your situation, needs and goals. 

We'll do the hard yards such as research and leasing with banks to find the best lending solution for you. 

It's now time to apply to the bank/solution you've chosen and get a pre approval. 

Final paperwork is filed. We'll implement the right loan structure to help achieve your goals faster.

We'll keep in touch to make sure you're happy with the agreement and keep you accountable!

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Why should I use a mortgage broker instead of the bank?

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Using this home loan repayment calculator, calculate your repayments in weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments, for any amount borrowed.

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