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Key Dates - OCR (Official Cash Rate) Announcement for 2024

What is OCR?

The OCR stands for Official Cash Rate. The OCR is the interest rate set by the RBNZ (Reserve Bank of New Zealand) and is a key tool used to achieve monetary policy objectives such as maintaining price stability (inflation) and sustainable employment. 

Changes in OCR impact interest rates (lending and borrowing) throughout the economy. As a result, changes in OCR influence spending, investments, and inflation.  

When the RBNZ announces OCR, it signals its intentions on the overall economic environment and intended direction for monetary policy.  

OCR Announcement dates for 2024: 

  • 28th February  

  • 10th April 

  • 22nd May 

  • 10th July 

  • 14th August 

  • 9th October 

  • 27th November 

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