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Key Dates – CPI (Inflation) announcements for 2024

What is the CPI? 

CPI stands for Consumer Price Index. The CPI measures the average change of prices for goods and services over time. It’s a widely used indicator for inflation. By tracking changes in the prices of these items over time, the CPI provides insights into the overall inflation rate. 

The RBNZ (Reserve Bank of New Zealand) closely monitor CPI as part of their decision-making process around monetary policy decisions. For example, if OCR should be increased, decreased, or stay the same.  

In New Zealand, the RBNZ target CPI is between 1% - 3%. 

CPI Announcement dates for 2024: 

  • 24th January – Q4 2023 

  • 17th April – Q1 2024 

  • 19th July – Q2 2024 

  • 17th October – Q3 2024 

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